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We provide short, medium or long term specialists to complement your organization with hands-on expertise or trainings.

Short-term mission

Directly operational and based on the plug & play concept, your marketing department enjoys the most advanced resources through the participation of specialists in every expertise in the field of digital Marketing. In order to continuously guarantee the highest level of skills, a weekly training program is followed at the same time, for the entire Marketing department.
Consulting & Trainings | Short-term mission
Consulting & Trainings | Medium/Long-term Digital Project

Medium/Long-term Digital Project

As part of the digital upgrade of an entire department and to speed up the onboarding process, we recommend an insider or team who will ensure the new internal processes are implemented. From digital media management platforms to integrated dashboards, and including collaborative information-sharing and reporting tools, we phase the theoretical training, the “hands-on” sessions and the brainstorming sessions inherent to appropriating a new reference framework.

Hakacia Academy

We empower your teams with first-class training from data experts. We help you increase accountability and efficiency by establishing a widespread data-driven culture.
Consulting & Trainings | Hakacia Academy

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